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Has Anyone Tried Dating Online?


Has anybody tried dating online? If you have, did you have a good experience, or any success with it? Is dating online a good way to meet someone? I have been thinking about trying dating sites, there are tons of free ones. Are there any online dating websites that you should look at? I have been thinking about joining [match.com] and [yahoo personals], but I really want to get some feedback before I try them out.


I have tried online dating sites and have successfully met someone! I was a bit scared to try a dating site at first, I thought there are a lot of odd people out there on the internet, but you meet crazy people anywhere in the offline world, so there isnt any difference, you just have to be careful online - just as you are careful when offline. Talk to the people you meet, and get to know them first, find out about them, their likes and dislikes - how they react to you say, etc... [True.com] is a great site, they have chat rooms, lots of interesting people, lots of pictures, it's pretty nice. I would recommend them.