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Has Anybody Tried Dating Online?
Has anybody tried dating online? If you have, did you have a good experience, or any success with it? Is dating online a good way to meet someone? I have been thinking about trying dating sites, there are tons of free ones...

I Have Done the Online Dating Thing
I have done the online dating thing for awhile now, and its worked out a little here and there. Just recently, I decided to be far more selective about who I first approach, since I felt that I was...

I Have Always had a Blast Dating
I've always had a blast dating and I really enjoy getting to know people, online and offline. After 4 years of bar tending professionally, I'm sick of all of the sleazy pick up lines I would hear day and night. So I decided to try online dating...

Okay, I Met a Guy Online, At a Dating Site
Okay, so I met a guy online, at a dating site, and we chatted for about a week, then went on a date. It was a really great date, we were very comfortable with each other, and we ended up...

Has Dating, From an Online Dating Site, Worked for You?
Has dating, from an online dating site, worked for you? Have you met someone and ended up dating for a long time?

I Just Recently Met this Guy Online
I just recently met this man online through a very popular dating site. We have gone on a few dates and everything seems to be working out fine so far. He said in the past that he wants to get much closer to me, and has introduced me to some of his best, and closest, friends...

Anyone Had Success with Online Dating?
Anyone had success with online dating, or any particular dating site? If so, I would love to know. Also, does any one know of any sites that give tips for online dating?

What is with this Whole Online Dating Thing?
Okay, so, what's with this whole online dating thing... Has anyone really meet there true love on any of these sites? I am interested in any success stories, or horror stories from the online dating scene.

Do Any of You Out There Have Any Online Dating Stories
Just a quick question here, do any of you out there have any online dating stories to share? I recently joined an online dating site and would like to hear from others that have either had success, or failures. Thanks!

I Am a Single Mom, And I Dont Get Out Much
Like most, I am a single mom, and I don't get out much. So I have been seriously considering online dating sites. I feel kind of desperate doing it, but I think a lot of people are now doing this...

I Have Just Joined an Online Dating Site
I have just joined an online dating site as part as my classes extra credit project. In the process, I met someone who I enjoyed talking with, go figure!. Not to long ago I met up with him and had a bit of dinner...

Awhile Ago I Met this Guy Online
Awhile ago I met this guy online and we are now dating. The thing that bothers me is that he still has his dating profile online...

I Have Tried Talking with Females Online
This online dating stuff, hmmm, well, I have tried talking with females online, but they never actually want to date or simply hang out, with me...

Has Anyone Tried Dating Chat Rooms
Has anyone tried online dating chat rooms to find a partner in life? And if so, do you prefer online dating or meeting them in public?

I Have Tried Online Dating Once, and Only Once
I have tried online dating once, and only once, it didnt work out for me at all. Should I stick to regular offline dating, or should I try online dating again?