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What is This Whole Internet Dating Stuff?


Okay, so, what's with this whole online dating thing... Has anyone really meet there true love on any of these sites? I am interested in any success stories, or horror stories from the online dating scene. And with any answer, if you could please leave the website name that would be a great deal of help to me!


I met my current boyfriend online, he is the most wonderful person, and thing, that has happened to me in my life for many years.

Finding him took a lot of time and effort though. You have to really try, be honest, and never give up. I probably went on over 50 dates before I met him, and he traveled across the continent to meet me the first time! We are now living together, enjoying life together, and very much in love with each other. If we both had not been a little crazy, open minded, and very adventurous, we would have never met!

Sometimes in life you just have to go for it, through your hang-ups aside! It has paid off for us in a very big way. I think online dating is fine if you meet people you would never ordinarily meet in your day to day existence.