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It Was a Really Great Night


Okay, so I met a guy online, at a dating site, and we chatted for about a week, then went on a date. It was a really great date, we were very comfortable with each other, and we ended up hooking up at the end of the date, yikes! Although, the next morning wasn't awkward, which was nice, and he even called to chat a few hours later which surprised me.

He works nights Sundays through Thursdays, and that week following the date we were texting back and forth while he was working. Then that Friday afternoon I received 1 reply from him and didn't hear a peep until Monday afternoon when he emailed me and said he lost his cellphone.

I have sent him a couple of emails since then and I know he is read them because the dating site I am on has the ability to let me know this, and I have not heard anything from him, at all! It's now been almost two weeks since I received his last email.

Has this guy, that I really liked, met someone else? If so, is he not responding because he doesn't want to hurt my feelings? Or is he just being a major male jerk? Is it a bad thing that I want to know why he is ignoring me now, even though I thought we had a great connection with each other?


Cut your losses and move on. He is not into for whatever reason. He evidently likes to hunt and fish and you were just one of his catches, now he has thrown you back into the river. Is there no other way of meeting someone to date other than the crap shoot?