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I Have a Quick Dating Question


Just a quick question here, do any of you out there have any online dating stories to share? I recently joined an online dating site and would like to hear from others that have either had success, or failures. Thanks!


I have 2 stories for you!

A few years back I met my first girlfriend online. She lived thirty minutes away from me, and we dated for about 2 months. There just was not enough chemistry between us.

I also met a women recently online, but she lives a good distance away as well. It started out as a really nice friendship, but after many months of talking just about every day, we got really close, and very fast. I can honestly say I fell hard for this girl. But she met a guy closer to here, in the town that she lives, and I had to realize that all of this was just in vain. It really hurt me, but it was a reality.

I never thought having feelings for someone through an online dating site was possible. Was I wrong! This wont discourage me, I'm convinced that I can, and will, find someone through online dating sites. They have worked well for me these last two times, even though I am still not with the women, I have had success!