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I've Always Had a Blast Dating Online


First a little background about me and who I am. I'm 27 and pretty decent looking. I have been in a few long-ish term relationships, the most recent one ending about a month ago, this was after 1 year of dating. I just moved to a smaller town, and I am interested in getting back out there in the dating world.

I've always had a blast dating and I really enjoy getting to know people, online and offline. After 4 years of bar tending professionally, I'm sick of all of the sleazy pick up lines I would hear day and night. So I decided to try online dating, not much luck at first. The first guy put someone else's picture up instead of his own, the second guy I met lied about his age, the third guy I ran into was so perverted I left before our lunch finished, and the 4th guy was not good looking at all! So here are the questions I have about dating, dating online, and online dating sites - 1st, does any one have any tips for online dating, or maybe a good site for any area? And 2nd, besides fate, bars, and the internet, how else do you meet cute single guys?


You may be able to meet people at the gym or at a book store, I've had luck at these places. I'd suggest chatting and getting to know as many different guys as you can. Try this in both the online world and the offline world. Dating is really just a numbers game, search for people that you think you could like, and just chat with as many of them as possible. Observe the conversation and see if he is for real, or putting on a show. Try doing something different also, like taking a Dance class or Art class.