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Anyone Have Success with Dating Online?


Just as a reference, I'm currently in college and I have just been a shy person when it comes to guys and dating.

I have just joined an online dating site as part as my classes extra credit project. In the process, I met someone who I enjoyed talking with, go figure!. Not to long ago I met up with him and had a bit of dinner. In person, I really didn't like him, although this had nothing to do with his appearance. He kinda had this uppity feel about him.

I knew he was more on the intelligent side then most of the people in this world, but he really had this unattractive ivy league type of vibe going on. So, before I we parted ways, he kissed me. Only he missed slightly because I kinda pulled back a little bit. This was a shock to me because this was the first time we had ever met in person. Now, part of me wants to just keep chatting with him online. I really enjoy simply chatting with him online, and nothing more. And a small part of me, wants to go out again and make out with him, I know! Why? Because I've kissed guys, but I've never made out with one and I'd like to experiment a little, maybe even call it practice. The thing about it is that I don't want to lead him on, at all.


It really sounds like you just want to use him for a little practice and maybe to help get over your shyness. If you intend to keep things going with him, I'd at least tell him what you want, or dont want, from him. Who knows, maybe that's all he really wants from you too, and it will work out very well for the both of you! Honesty will be your best, and most successful, approach.