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I Have Tried Online Dating Once


I have tried online dating once, and only once, it didnt work out for me at all. Should I stick to regular offline dating, or should I try online dating again?


How about doing both online AND offline dating?

Online dating can be a great way of reviewing a lot of people who are pre-qualified, have like minded interests and thoughts, do the things you do, or would like to do, and so on... If they are honest, it's pretty easy to find someone that would match who you are.

Yes there are liars online, as well as offline, though I've not met any women like that personally. But the people you meet other ways could be equally unsuitable to you, and you dont have an easy to read profile of them to look over up front. A little caution and common sense should keep you safe either online or offline when dating.

I find dating on the internet to be an excellent way to screen women for those who I might be a fit with, and those whom might fit well with me. But I am usually fussy, and am looking for a particular type of woman with a certain outlook and zest for the life they live, along with the life that they could lead in the future.

After you learn about them from their profile, you can meet up in person to see if there is any spark, which would include being comfortable with each other, having a good rapport with each other, and of course there must the physical attraction to each other! Often times, there simply is not. So you want to meet soon for a quick coffee before you develop a false sense of hope based on communication through only the computer. This will be a huge help!

If you want to do it the other way around with offline dating, make sure to find that spark first, and then make sure the person has the rest of the stuff on your looking for in someone else in life. That's okay too but you will have to work harder to meet the same amount of people offline, and getting to know takes longer offline, as well as it being more costly with all of the coffees and what not!