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Online Dating Help


This online dating stuff, hmmm, well, I have tried talking with females online, but they never actually want to date or simply hang out, with me.

How do I let them know that I am not some weirdo looking for a quick score with them? Really, all I want are new friends to hang out with, nothing more unless something naturally happens.


Why dont you just try making friends in real life, and not on dating sites?

But if you still want the internet dating sites as a way of meeting new people in your area, here is a little advice for you - NEVER ask a women about cam (camera), mic (microphone), or pic (picture) before she fully trusts you and is comfortable with you. Believe me, that question drives me crazy because it gives a first impression that you are just looking for a little hanky panky and nothing else. Not many women will respond to this.