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Is He Just Taking Me Along for a Ride?


I just recently met this man online through a very popular dating site. We have gone on a few dates and everything seems to be working out fine so far. He said in the past that he wants to get much closer to me, and has introduced me to some of his best, and closest, friends. Although, we really only hang out only when he is free, and not with his buddies.

Is he just taking me along for a ride? Is he really interested in me? On our last date, we went out and held hands for the first time, if felt really nice! Although his emails are confusing to me, and I just want to know if he is really interested or not. His dating profile is still active online, so is he holding out on me? Arggggg.... so many questions!


If this guy was just using you for some quick sex, he wouldn't just now be holding your hand. I think this guy is just trying to show you some respect since he did meet you online, and wants to make sure you understand that is putting in the work to be respectful. Talk to him. Tell him you would like to know how you feel about me. If he doesn't answer, or he gives you a round about answer, to where you understand, ask him specific questions.