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Proactiv Solution for Acne

The Proactiv Solution is a new dermatologist developed therapy system for acne that is truly revolutionary. The system helps heal your skin of the blemishes your currently have and prevents new blemishes from occurring. There are three steps to the Proactiv Solution.

Step One - Renewing Cleanser

This is an oil free formula that has smooth, tiny grains to help exfoliate your dead skin cells and other impurities on your skin and in your pores. It also has a prescription grade Benzoyl Peroxide that helps to penetrate pores, kill the bacteria that causes acne and heal your blemishes quickly.

Step Two - Revitalizing Toner

This is a alcohol free toner that helps to remove your dead skin cells, unplug your pores and help remove the excess oils from your skin and pores so you can look and feel refreshed. It has botanical agents that help to gently balance your skin tone.

Step Three - Repairing Lotion

This is a light, oil free lotion that has prescription grade Benzoyl Peroxide to help heal your blackheads and other blemishes. It also helps to prevent future acne breakouts. It uses an advanced delivery system that is both soothing and safe for use on your entire face.

How Proactiv Works

There is no way to cure acne without having a prescription. Even if you can manage to do away with the blemishes that result from acne you will still need to continue the use of an acne treatment plan to keep new blemishes from appearing. Proativ was created by dermatologists as a way to safely and effectively treat acne. Proactiv is a combination therapy that has several different medicines in one to heal your acne blemishes and prevent new ones from forming.

It is a combination therapy because it combines prescription-grade ingredients along with a system that helps to heal and prevent acne at the same time. Proactiv was developed by two Stanford dermatologists. It contains Benzoyl Peroxide and sulfur. The combination of these ingredients along with other ingredients help to exfoliate your skin, unplug your pores, kill the bacteria that causes acne and soothe the inflammation caused by acne.

How is it Different

Most of the medications for acne that you can buy at a store are just spot treatments. The main purpose of these over the counter medicines is to get rid of your existing acne. Most of these medicines contain harsh creams that will cause redness or irritation on your skin. Proactiv is gentle and effective, it is specifically designed to be used on the whole face or just acne prone areas depending on your preferences. It helps to get rid of existing acne and prevent future outbreaks before then even start to surface on your skin. It also contains botanicals such as allantoin, panthenol, aloe and chamomile which helps make your skin look and feel healthy and hydrated instead of the typical dry and flaky skin associated with acne.

Millions of people have found Proactiv Solution to be a great product for their acne. They have found that it helps them control and overcome the problem of their acne. Some even find it is the first and only product they use for their acne that has worked.

You should consult your doctor before using Proactiv Solution with any other acne medications that you may be taking. Most medications will work fine with Proactiv but your doctor will be able to offer the best advice. The side effects of Proactiv are mild and typically involve drying or irritation in those who are sensitive or allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide. Your doctor can go over the complete side effect possibilities with you.