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How Many Weeks Pregnant Am I?

For some women, getting pregnant provides a sense of joy and is potentially something that they and their partner have been waiting for and working on for years. In other situations, it can be a surprise that will catch a family off-guard. Regardless of whether your pregnancy was planned or not, determining how far along you are with the aid of tools such as a pregnancy calculator is crucial to developing a time-frame for giving birth and the steps you need to undertake along the way. Later on in the pregnancy, this is easy through doctors’ visits and ultrasound scans, but figuring out how many weeks pregnant you are early on can be more difficult.

Using A Pregnancy Calculator To Determine How Far Along You Are Making use of a pregnancy calculator is one of the best ways to get an idea, early on, how far along you are in your pregnancy. These calculators ask for an input of a few pieces of information and then create a timeframe or even a periodic plan of the stages of your pregnancy. The most common pieces of information that they will ask for are the first day of your last menstrual period and the typical number of days that make up your cycle.

Upon supply this information, these pregnancy calculators will then estimate the most likely window of opportunity of dates during which you were the most fertile, an estimated date of conception and how far along in weeks and days that you are based on average scenarios. As the typical period of gestation for a baby is forty weeks, the pregnancy calculator will also be able to estimate your baby’s due date.

A Few Important Things To Remember Early On In your Pregnancy

If you’re working on figuring out how many weeks along in your pregnancy you are, it is safe to say that you are likely still in the early stages. The first trimester is one of the most crucial in the development of your new baby, and taking proper care of yourself and your child is of the utmost importance. Time will pass faster than you anticipate while you’re pregnant, and having a plan in place to help ensure your baby’s health and well-being will assist you greatly over the coming months.

If you’ve just recently found out that you’re pregnant and used a pregnancy calculator to determine how far along you are, here are a few important tips that you need to remember for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy:

Be Prepared To Buy New Clothes – While you may not physically develop a “baby bump” for a few more months, you will likely begin to experience weight gain sooner than later. Be prepared to have to shell out money for clothes to accommodate your growing pregnant body. One of the most commonly overlooked articles of clothing is bras. As you proceed along your pregnancy, not purchasing appropriately-sized bras to accommodate your growing breasts will likely create a significant amount of discomfort.

Develop A Healthy Sleep Schedule – Your body is going through a number of changes. A pregnancy calculator may tell you how far along you are in your baby’s development, but it will not prepare you for the toll that this development will take on your body and energy levels. Being well-rested is crucial to not only your health and happiness, but your baby’s as well. Early on in your pregnancy you should begin developing a health sleep pattern, as well as start finding time during the day to take a short nap. This will help recharge your mind and your body and provide you the energy you need to stay healthy.

Find An Experienced Mother You Trust And Share The Good News – Many new-to-be mothers feel the need to keep their pregnancy a secret for the first few months. While this is understandable, going through the early stages of pregnancy alone can be difficult. After using a pregnancy calculator to determine what week you are in, console in a close family member or friend who has already gone through the child-birthing process. Having someone with first-hand experience in the situation to talk with will provide countless pieces of insight.

Finding out that you’re pregnant can be both great news and a huge shock at the same time. No matter the situation, one of the steps that you should take is to determine how far along you are in your baby’s development. With the aid of a pregnancy calculator, finding out how many weeks pregnant you are is simple and can help you create guidelines and timeframes for your entire pregnancy. By using this knowledge to make healthy and wise decisions, your pregnancy can quickly become much less of a stressful and challenging nine months.