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HIV/AIDS Health Care Providers

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One of the most important relationships to a woman living with HIV is her relationship with her doctor. This relationship can have a significant impact on her well-being. Not only can the doctor provide needed support and encouragement, he or she will be able to help decide the best HIV treatment options.

A health care professional or trained HIV counselor can help you find a doctor. When selecting a doctor, you should feel comfortable with the doctor and have faith in his or her abilities. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, this is especially important. It is best to make a list of questions and concerns before you start looking for a doctor.

  • Are you an HIV specialist?
    The CDC recommends that HIV infected people be treated by HIV specialists.
  • Have you treated many women with HIV?
    It is important to find a doctor who has experience with the unique issues women with HIV and AIDS face.
  • What services does your clinic offer?
    Find a clinic that has a team of doctors, nurses, social workers, nutritionists, and pharmacists so that your many different needs can be met in one place.
  • What do you think about me participating in treatment decisions?
    Try to find a doctor who encourages your involvement in treatment decisions, such as when to start medications and the use of alternative and complimentary therapies.

A doctor who specializes in HIV/AIDS can provide comfort during this time and may also provide referrals to programs offering social support and housing, case management and other services.

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