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Having your first period does not only mean that you are going to bleedonce a month, it means that your body is now following a calendar all itsown, and that calendar is shaped like a circle. It is like the changingof the moon, the tides and the seasons.

Your body changes in subtle ways throughout the cycle, and the moreyou pay attention, the more you will notice them. On the opposite sideof the circle from menstruation is ovulation. Your body temperature changeswhen you ovulate. Around that time you smell better and see better. Yourvagina might give off slick clear or white discharge, the white mate tothe red of your period.

If you pay attention you might notice there are patterns to when youare neat and when you are sloppy; when you are clumsy and when you aresentimental; when you feel sharp and organized and when you feel imaginativeand inventive; when you feel run down and when you feel like you couldrun for miles.

Every day is not the same. You are not like a robot which never changes.In fact, you change constantly, and this is a good thing. Learn your uniquepatterns and follow their lead as you plan your time. If you understandyour menstrual cycle, you know yourself that much better. The best wayto do this is to keep some sort of menstrual record. This can be anythingfrom marks on a calandar to notes in your diary, or you can keep a specialchart just for your cycle, which makes it easy to compare month by month.

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