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What is PMS (PreMenstrual Syndrome)?

Have you ever stayed up all night long, and then gone to school thenext day? That grumpy, punchy, head-achey feeling is very much like PMS.Or at least some kinds of PMS, because PMS takes many different forms.Medicine defines PMS as a problem, and is looking for a way to cure it.But sometimes we use "PMS" to refer to the way we feel beforeour periods, feelings which may not bother us, or seem to be there fora reason.

You don't get PMS just because you menstruate. You may never get PMSat all. Most women who do get PMS don't think it's a big deal. PMS is somethingthat starts happening about 10 days before your period, and stops whenyour period comes. If your face breaks out only for a few days each month,always right before your period, then you know that your skin problemsare a part of PMS.

Pimples or greasy skin, sore breasts, headaches, irritability, bloatingand feeling tired are all common PMS symptoms. Other "symptoms"are kind of funny. For instance, a lot of women say that right before theirperiod begins they get a strong urge to clean house, or organize things,even if they are slobs for the rest of the month. Some women have strangefood cravings, or eat more than usual. Other women cry very easily beforetheir periods, not because they are sad, but because everything seems totouch their heart.

Some women think that PMS should not be looked at as a disease whichneeds to be cured, but instead believe that being extra- sensitive beforeyour period is a part of being a woman Some women call PMS "truthtime" because it is the one time when you are not going to put ona smiley face and pretend everything is okay when something - or someone- is really getting on your nerves.

If your PMS symptoms bother you there are many thingsyou can do to make that time better.

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