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Surprise Visits

This section is especially for girls waiting tostart their period, or who have just started. It takes a while to get usedto your period, but you will learn to predict it through experience, andyou will develop your own ways of being prepared. In the meanwhile, hereare some suggestions which might help:

  • First, if you don't have supplies at home, remindyour mom that it is about time to get you some.
  • Start carrying a pad in your backpack, or keep it in your locker at school. You probably will not want to carry a tampon for your first period, because you don't want to be trying to figure out how to use a tampon when you are under pressure, or when you somewhere that is not very private, like a public bathroom.
  • Your school nurse has a supply of pads for exactlythis reason. If you want to go home, she can probably arrange to give youthe day off too.
  • You can always fold up a bunch of toilet paperand use it like a pad until you get home. You could also use a paper towels,a washcloth, a bandana, even a sock! ....whatever is handy.
  • Women's bathrooms often have machines that selltampons and pads for 5, 10 or 25 cents. Have some change stashed away forthis reason.
  • Ask any woman, even a stranger, if she has anythingshe can share with you. Women often carry extra supplies in their bags,and will probably be very happy to help. Everyone is caught by surprise once in a while.
  • Even if you are prepared, accidents still happen- often! You might find it nearly impossible to get through your periodwithout getting a little blood on your underwear or bed sheets. The bestway to get out blood stains is by rinsing them in cold water immediately,or soaking them in cold water before washing. Stain treatments and bleachhelp too. Women often set aside old underwear to wear during their period,and save the nice stuff for other times of the month. I just wear blackunderwear all the time.

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